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Run Off Those Winter Wiggles!

On Monday, January 22, the Midtown Carnegie Branch Library provided a Run Off Those Winter Wiggles event for preschoolers (ages 2-6) from 9:00 – 11:00 am. We just got back from this event and, I must say, it was really cute. The librarian overseeing it (Sarah) was super friendly and welcoming, and the course was well-thought-out and colorful, incorporating lots of different textures (bubble wrap to crawl on, balloons to shimmy through, streamers) and “obstacles.” My oldest girls are 2 and 4 years old, and it was perfect for them. It wasn’t a large obstacle course, so when they got tired of going through it over and over, we timed them to see if they could do it faster each time, and then made some slow-motion videos to keep it interesting. They even had a little blanket and baby toys for the littlest ones, which was perfect for my baby to stay busy and content while I cheered the “big” girls through the course.

After a while, the kids needed a break so we ate a snack that the library had provided (goldfish and water bottles) while we read some books that they had also set out. The books were all motion-related, perfect for an obstacle course event, and we had fun acting them out. All in all, this was an fun, energy-burning morning. It wasn’t well attended (only four kids showed up), so I’ll repost this when they set it up again so all of you can come!! Please join us next time! It’s FREE and fun and nap time was really quiet when we got home….

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  • Address: 397 E Central St, Springfield, MO 65802
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