About Tiny Humans Club

I’m Alicia: mom of three little girls, wife to a fun guy with crazy ideas, missionary, and recent transplant to Springfield, MO!

When my family moved here in 2017, I wanted so badly to get out with my kids, to explore everything Springfield had to offer our family, to get to know others who were also trying to find inexpensive entertainment for their children…but I had no idea where to start. And, as a budget-loving mom of three littles, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money each time we went out.

I slowly began to find out the “hot spots” from other moms, memorized the story time schedules, and got to know the shop-owners, librarians, volunteers, restauranteurs and lesson-givers. And the best part? I found some really great FREE and inexpensive (under $10) events and places to explore that have made our weeks so full and so much fun.

But it’s always a little uncomfortable (maybe it’s just me?) showing up at a place for the first time… not knowing where to park, what to expect, if there’s a cost, what I should bring, or when it really starts (despite what the website says). So, I started writing out my finds – the little tips that will hopefully help someone else feel confident and excited to try the many experiences Springfield has to offer your family.

The result: Tiny Humans Club – your go-to resource for Springfield’s (mostly FREE) events, the best free/inexpensive places to explore and tips and tricks to make life easier with your tiny humans. My goal is to give you the information that you need to decide which events you’d like to try, how to enjoy them to the fullest, and where to find those inexpensive, off-the-beaten-path adventures. Each post shares “What You Need to Know” and ideas for making your experience the best that it can be.

I created Tiny Humans Club for all of the deal-seeking moms, the love-to-bond dads, the doting grandparents, the attention-giving caregivers and any and all kid-sized adventure-seekers in Springfield, Missouri…. this one’s for you. Because we all have those moments when we desperately want to find something new to do with our kids, away from the television, the same old playground, the regular (pretty much worn out) routine. I searched and asked and tried so many different activities around this fun town, and found quite a few that you might not have heard of or may have forgotten about when life got a little busy. Since I love deals, I usually leaned toward the free or really cheap events and excursions, which are super fun to share about since there isn’t much risk involved in trying them. So next time you have a few hours to spare and want something to do, scroll through these ideas to see something that might grab your attention.

Most of the events on this website are FREE, and the few that do have a cost are almost all under $10 and worth the price (some even have discounts or coupons!) So feel free to browse, comment and try out some of these fun events perfect for tiny humans!

Here’s to a new year of memory-making, money-saving, and family-entertaining fun!