Zumba Kids Jr. Class

If you want to watch your kids dance their little hearts out, attempt some hilarious moves and get completely tired out in 30 minutes, then this, my friend, is your next event.

Zumba Kids Jr. is a great way to introduce your kids to dance, exercise and other fun people their age. It’s held at Itty Bitty City, but you don’t have to pay the admission fee to get in – you only need to pay the class fee, which is $5, whether you have a membership or not.

We tried the Friday morning class, and my girls were the only two there! The instructor said that Tuesday evenings usually have a few more kids, but mine still had a lot of fun by themselves and got one-on-one attention. I wasn’t sure what they should wear, but they were fine in little t-shirts, leggings and tennis shoes. The instructor was incredible: funny, kind, friendly… and my girls took to her right away. I’m guessing that they did about 6 or 7 songs in that 30 minutes, each with a different vibe and different choreography (some familiar to the girls from movies, and some more traditional Zumba ones). She encouraged them to try the simple moves, and kept them going the whole time, with some little explanations in between songs. The little blurb about Zumba Kids Jr. on Itty Bitty City’s website says that it promotes “key childhood development elements such as leadership, respect, team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, coordination, balance, and cultural awareness,” and I’d agree with that description.

I’d definitely recommend this class. The kids were tired and happy at the end, and asked to come back again. It’s important to try to find ways to incorporate a healthy lifestyle into each day, and this is a great way to do it (with no planning on your part!) I really enjoyed watching them have fun, and we’ll probably try a Tuesday evening class next time to see who else we can meet!

What You Need To Know:
Tuesdays 5:00 – 5:30 pm
Fridays 10:00 – 10:30 am
Address: Itty Bitty City (3640 South Campbell)
Call ahead to see if registration is necessary for that day: 417-202-2025
Best for preschool and elementary-aged kids
For more information:




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