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Parents As Teachers Program (Springfield Public Schools)

I was introduced to Parents As Teachers a few weeks after we moved to Springfield, but I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t really do anything about it until several months ago. And now I can’t believe what I was missing out on! This program is incredible. If you have kids who will be going into a Springfield public school some day (babies – kindergarten entry), please take advantage of Parents As Teachers. There are so many benefits, and the program is absolutely FREE. All of my assuming thoughts (I don’t need someone to come to my house to teach me how to play with my kids… my kids are doing fine… this could potentially be a waste of my time…) have been totally turned upside down. Despite my initial hesitation, I am so glad that I chose to check it out. Contact them today! I’ll explain the benefits and how it works below:

1. Regular interactions with your Parent Educator (a knowledgable and friendly employee of the Springfield Public Schools), providing you with tips, ideas and information about your child’s development.
2. Opportunities to ask questions about your child’s development and hear about resources tailored to their needs.
2. Monthly story times at your school’s library to keep your child learning and interacting with others through stories and activity stations.
3. K-Prep days to help your almost-kindergartner prepare for school.

How the Program Works:
1. First, your child will be given a developmental screening, either at a school or at home. A specific Parent Educator is assigned to every school, so you’ll always have the same person come to your house unless you move out of your school zone. To schedule a free screening, call 417-523-1300 or email Missy Stieb (mstieb@spsmail.org).
2. Once your child has been screened, you’ll begin to schedule times with your Parent Educator to come to your home. Each time they come, they will spend time playing with your child, while teaching them (and you!) ways to increase developmental capacity.
3. You will be invited to regular story times and k-prep activity days for your child(ren), hosted by your Parent Educator, and you can choose to attend any or all of them, based on your schedule.

What You Need To Know:
1. To learn more, visit their website: http://www.springfieldpublicschoolsmo.org/pages/SPSMO/About/Services/N-Z/Parents_as_Teachers
2. To schedule a free screening: call 417-523-1300 or email Missy Stieb (mstieb@spsmail.org)

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