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Railroad Historical Museum

Calling all train enthusiasts! Springfield, Missouri actually has it’s very own Railroad Historical Museum! It’s small (and FREE) and only open for limited hours in the warmest months, but it’s a cute spot to check out, especially if you want to give your tiny human the chance to see a real train but don’t have any cross-country railway trips coming up anytime soon… 😉

First, I have to mention that getting INTO the museum is a little tricky. Here’s what you need to know. The address says that it’s on N Grant Ave, but if you use a GPS, it takes you to a random house. You actually need to turn onto Lynn Street, as if you’re going to Grant Beach Park, and you’ll see a big locomotive ahead on the left inside a fence. Keep driving straight and you can park next to the fence. Walk to the end of the gravel/grass area until you get to an opening in the gate, and you’ll be there!

An attendant is inside the fence when you walk in, and he or she will most likely ask you to sign in on the clipboard at the entrance. There are two parts to the museum: a little depot with some train relics, and an actual four-car train that allows you to walk through each piece. There are knowledgable volunteers at several places, ready with information and for questions, but you’re free to explore at your leisure and can take pictures anywhere you’d like. The kids each get a little paper conductor’s hat, and can pull the real train whistle. Inside each air conditioned car are train artifacts from quite a few places, and you can sit in the seats, pretend to eat at the tables, view a little movie, watch the model train run on it’s tiny track, read some history, and exit at the end of the caboose.

Lastly, one of the volunteers mentioned that they host birthday parties (12 – 2 pm on Saturdays, May – October) and that eating cake in the double-decker commuter car is usually a big hit. What a cute idea! It’s a $40 donation to reserve a party of up to 20 people, and you have access to the entire space. Private (non-birthday party) tours are free and available for groups on weekdays. For more information or to schedule a party or tour, email John Wollard at:

The whole experience doesn’t take long at all, unless you spend a lot of time in each car or talk with the volunteers, but it’s a great little activity, and a trip to the park afterward can be part of the afternoon. I’d definitely recommend stopping in!

What You Need to Know:

  • Address: 1300 N Grant Ave, Springfield, Missouri
    • (The website also shows a second address, so this one might work better in the GPS: 1353 N. Douglas Ave, Springfield, Missouri)
  • Hours: 2-4 pm Saturdays (May – October)
  • Website:
  • Phone: 417-833-0994
  • FREE







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