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Fassnight Creek Farm

The girls and I wanted pumpkins for the deck, but I was having a hard time finding a cute, outdoor place to get them in Springfield, Missouri. And then I found Fassnight Creek Farm… A 30-year-old family-owned and operated vegetable farm in the middle of a little Springfield neighborhood. This place is rustic and beautiful and colorful and filled with fresh, seasonal produce – the sweetest farm you might ever see.

We were greeted right away by Rebekah, who was watering plants next to the greenhouse. She asked us if we needed anything specific that day, then showed us to the pumpkins (not pick-your-own, but there were lots to choose from on a big table in the front of the farm) and offered a little wagon (which my kids readily accepted) to pull the ones we chose (they were pretty inexpensive, too!) As we paid for the pumpkins, I looked at all of the produce and flowers for sale (they also sell plants), and made a mental note to stop by again. Everything is either grown on-site, or grown locally and sold at Fassnight Creek Farm.

She then told us that we were welcome to explore the farm, giving us directions to the butterfly garden and the beautiful flower garden where we could take some pictures.

While we were by the flowers, Farmer Dan himself came out to talk, pulling up some gorgeous (seriously, I don’t know when I’ve seen prettier) flowers and giving them, roots and all, to my daughter to hold. Seeing her little face light up, clutching bright stems that were almost as tall as she was, was a magical moment. He then told us to go explore the section of Fassnight Creek that runs through the farm, which the girls absolutely loved. By the time we left, they were muddy, tired and all smiles.

I didn’t intend for Fassnight Creek Farm to be a destination – I was merely looking for a few pumpkins for the deck – but I’m so glad that we stopped by!

What You Need to Know:

  • Address: 1366 S. Fort Ave, Springfield (the farm is in the middle of a residential area, so it kind of comes up out of nowhere on S. Fort Ave) There’s a cute little green mailbox out front.
  • Hours: Open Seasonally (Call 417.866.5011, Email:, or check Facebook for hours) When we visited in October, the hours were 10 am – 6 pm
  • Produce is for sale in the house/barn at the front.
  • Parking is anywhere you can find near the building.

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