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Did You Know…about Barnes & Noble Kids Club (and Free Cupcakes)?

Did you know about Barnes & Noble Kids Club? It’s completely FREE to sign up, and you’ll receive a letter with a Kids Club card and an one-time offer for 30% off a kid’s book, toy or game, plus loyalty rewards credit for purchases throughout the year.

But the best part, according to my kids, is the FREE birthday cupcake, cookie, or gluten-free Rice Krispies Treat! We received an email recently for my oldest daughter’s birthday, with instructions to redeem it for a birthday treat. I just showed the email on my phone to the cafe worker, and we walked happily away with a cupcake. And not just any cupcake… a Cheesecake Factory cupcake. It made her feel special that she got something with her name on it to help celebrate her birthday!

Sign up today (your kids will thank you!):




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